The Best Superfoods For Weight Loss – The Foods That Make Your Cutting Diet Easier!

If you’re on a cutting diet, you must know the calories you are eating. That is the core to any weight loss diet. When I mean “the best superfoods for weight loss”, I’m not implying that they will remove all of your stubborn fat within hours, what I mean and will explain throughout this article is that they give you that sensation of fullness while eating little to no calories. That, for any cutting diet, is excellent!

The BEST Way To Implement Them

Superfoods are the best when it comes to eating smarter. By “eating smarter”, I’m saying that you don’t necessarily have to eat less, you can eat the same amount of food, but if you’re cutting you have to watch out your calorie intake. That’s when superfoods take place because of the massive content in vitamins and minerals they have.

Moreover, as I said, you’ll be getting the best quality foods, plus you are getting little to no calories, and that’s your main goal as you cut. My personal strategy to implement them is to add them as a side dish or even, have them as snacks. For example, I always make my self a carrot with tomato salad, and then as a cherry on top I’ll add a half avocado.

Another example, is to have a fruit or nuts as desserts. I’m in love with hazelnuts, they are low in carbohydrates and high in good fats, while, take for example peanuts or almonds, they are packed with carbs, which I love, but a lot of them can cause your body to retain water.

Just to sum up, add them to your meals, “breakfast”, “lunch”, “snack” and “dinner”, as sides or desserts, to get the best results.


Legumes The Vegan’s Protein.

As a vegetarian transitioning to a vegan I must say that legumes apart from having a high amount of protein they are also best for fat loss. A study showed that those who ate legumes for four times a week, for approximately a month, saw an important decrease on their cholesterol levels and lost a considerable amount of weight.

If you read my previous post, “the best foods that fight heart disease”, you’ll know I mentioned that beans have shown to decrease the levels of your “bad” LDL cholesterol and lower your systolic blood pressure. Well, it’s no different for legumes.

The best way to eat legumes, in my opinion, is to add them to a stew. Obviously, if where you live is currently summer I would not recommend adding them to a stew; well it’s up to you. Instead, you can add them so a salad. Personally, as a vegetarian I eat a lot of tortillas on summer. I’ll add some salsa and then add any type of legumes.

Really it does not matter how, as long as you add them to improve your results, then it will be OK.

Fruits, The Best Fat Loss Snack.

I’ll first start with an awesome fruit of my liking, and that is grapefruit. This great fruit, because of it’s acidity, after two hours of taking it reduces significantly your levels of insulin. If you didn’t know, insulin spikes are what makes us retain more fat in our bodies. That’s the main objective of the keto diet, which consist on lowering your carbs intake, because it lowers your insulin spikes. Although there is no sufficient backed up litretuture.

Berries are another of my likings:

  • Goji Berries
  • Acai
  • Strawberries
  • And more…

are personally my preffered ones. Especially blueberries, which are thought to reduce the risk of diabetes, a study has shown that these bad boys improve your insulin sensitivity. However, goji berries, in terms of best health  results, are the bes ones in my opinion.

Goji berries were first used as traditional medicine in the native China, an thus beacame very popular in the western world. This specific berry was found to help in improving the eye’s health, on elders mostly.

This study put 140+ elders to eat more than 14 grams a day of goji berries, and thus found improvents in their eyes aging. In addition all the fruits and berries listed above contain polyphenols, which are a type of anti-oxidants.

As mentioned in othe  rof my posts polyphenols, especially,  are thought to reduce  and combat cancer disease.

If you’re on summer and it’s the time to eat some good super fruit, I’d like to take:

  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi

My personal favourite, however, is kiwi. Having two servings of kiwi delivers 430% of your daily vitamin c needs! And even, they contain vitamin E and potasium which are also found in bananas. But if you combine kiwi with watermelon, you’ll end up with more than your vitamin c needs and you’ll also be  meeting your water intake.

This is because two cups of watermelon contain, a full cup of H2O! And the best of all is that all of these are low in calories, but make you feel sacieted.


For The Chery On Top: Dark Chocolate.

First and foremost, the darker the chocolate the better. Above 70% should be fine. The thing is that dark chocolate is cacao almost in it’s full purity. Although, you’ll be eating more calories, and at the start of this article I said the total opposite, dark chocolate is the exception.

With it’s properties, including lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone on our nervous system and helps retaining more fat, and also having antioxidants, which helps reducing stress and is thought to combat cancer. You should take some squares a day, this is because we are aiming to lower the calories, but because of it’s properties it is super worth it.

A study showed, a small group of adults were thiner, by eating small amounts of dark chocolated than those who didn’t, even though they ate more calories than those who didn’t.

Remember, Keep It Simple…

So to sum up, you learnt how to include this foods if your cutting, and that you should be adding them as snacks and desserts. We talked about: fruits, berries, legumes and dark chocolate. As I always say, I encourage you to try new things, heck, even try mixing these in an own recipe of yours!

Remember that all these foods are not magic, they are only foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and have a low caloric content, that is why they work for fat loss.

Hope this helped, and as always if you read something you didn’t like I encourage you to comment and point it out. We are here to learn. Also if you feel that this content was valuable to you I would like you to let me know on the comments.


  1. Hi Stefano,

    I liked the overall message of your post. Consuming more nutrient dense foods is one of the key factors when talking fat loss. I didn’t know that Kiwis were that high in Vitamin C. I always think oranges when talking Vitamin C. I am having a hard time getting into dark chocolate. Any suggestions on what I can eat it with to help counter the bitterness?

    • Hi Rodney,
      Thanks for the support! Yeah I didn’t also knew that kiwis had an enourmous content of vitamin c.
      As regards of the bitternes in dark chocolate, I would recommend to eat it from 65% to 70% of its purity, so that you enjoy it.
      Also you can mix it up by melting it, on practically anything. I like it on fruits, such as strawberries.

      Hope that helped,

  2. Hi, Thank you for your ideas about superfoods for weight loss! I found them useful as I’ve bee non a diet for almost a year as I’d like to lose weight. So do you really think zjat I can eat some squares of dark chocolate every day? What I really would need to have every day is chocolate. (All my family members eat some every day and it’s difficult for me not to eat it. ) I’m not a vegetarian but prefer vegetables. Glad to hear that blueberries, watermelon and kiwi can be eaten by me. I love them all. Health is also a key factor in my life, my cholesterol level needs to be decreased, maybe by beans?

    • Hi Bela,
      Fisrt and foremost, I’m not talking about chocolate in general, i’m talking about “dark” chocolate. In the article I stress that you have to consume dark chocolate above 70% of its purity.
      And no, you don’t have to stop eating beans, I mentioned a lot of foods that can lower your LDL levels, in “The Foods That Fight Heart Disease” article I’ve written.

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