Red Tea Detox Review 2019

Red Tea Detox Review 2019 – Is It Still A Thing Or Is It Just Anonter Scam?

The red tea detox claims that it detoxifies your body, and as a consequence it will shed your pounds “quickly”, and “safely”. As a very skeptical person, and if you read my blogs, you know that I’ll think this is too good to be true. However, I like drinking tea, moreover red tea. Also, I like other types of tea, like matcha, green tea, and so on and so forth.

So with that being said, I thought it was mandatory to make this review, especially because there is no good opinion on it, in the year we are currently in.

What Is It? Should I Worry?

So Liz Swann Miller the creator of this program, claims she went into the realms of Africa, where she discovered the “magic” recipe to this tea. She is a six-time-best-selling author, and also has ten years of experience as a Naturopath. The program says that they have done over 500 medical studies, proving they have the science to back it up.

red tea

However, I did find the studies, but no concluded evidence. But I found that they did three years of real world testing so I don’t want to insult their research either.

What Liz is selling you, is a program including various “magic” recipes with the red tea. Once you buy it, you get access to the digital product, where you have the recipes, exercises and diet. Also, she includes a willpower/mindset section where she’ll keep you motivated to follow her program.

Pros Of The Program, Or At Least The Few…

Liz plays with our emotions, because she mentions this is the breakthrough for people who have tried every diet, and every little thing to lose weight, but nothing worked.

I think that she is not wrong, but that she isn’t right either. However, I can speak for myself, because I’ve tried red tea, before this program was launched. All I can tell you, is that red tea makes you feel energized, combine that with exerting and you’ll have an explosive combination.

That’s why I say she is not wrong either, because if you include red tea to you diet you’re bound to see results. Moreover, if you have a program that you can follow from home, with exercises and motivation. I didn’t have all of that back in the day, so that can put you in a very slight advantage.

How To Use The Red Tea Detox Program.

The Program is very straight forward, all you have to do is to follow it on you home. You get access to an e-book where you:

  1. Read the recipes
  2. Read the diet plan
  3. Implement it to you lifestyle.

It is pretty self explanatory, you get an e-book where you read all the “secrets”, and then you start following it step by step. All this types of products have the same structure, there are just pieces of information.

What Is In It?

This digital product, or as the author Liz says, the “comprehensive book”, is divided into three broken down sections:

  1. DIET: The first chapter starts with the importance of detox, before you even start you weight loss journey. Apparently you have to “detox” before even starting to lose weight, but she does not explain why though. Also, this part covers how toxins can affect the metabolism, which is true. And an overall look of foods that give you energy, and the ones that don’t.

eating plan

2. Exercise: An exercise section that supposedly will “melt you fat faster”, which is obviously an exaggeration from her part, but in reality these exercises are good complements for the diet, meaning you’ll have to combine them both for optimum results.

the work out


3. “Willpower, Motivation, and Mindset”: Don’t look at me those are her words. Well, jokes a side, as an outsider reviewing this program I think it’s the essence of it.
This is because without this section the last two are useless, and in my opinion, this is one of the things that made this program sell like crazy.


I’m Not Sure, But It Could Be For You.

Look, I am going to be really honest with you right now. The fact is that, I would not waste a penny on this program. But wait, that’s because I spent years doing my research and I generated my own results based on that. So I don’t need any program to follow, so that I get my fitness and health goals.

However, it’s not about me, it’s about you. Do you feel like spending hours and days doing research?, or you prefer to buy a program that tells you step by step how to achieve those results?

The fact is that you don’t have to do the same as I did. Maybe this is you right fit, moreover if you not only want to improve you physique, but also you health. That’s because you’re going to be constantly drinking one of the healthiest beverages of the world, and that is tea.

What I like about the Program.

The thing is that this program is just a book with information, and its simplicity makes it easier to understand. So what I like is:

  • Its Simplicity (Obviously)
  • The exercises are not for dummies, meaning they can get quite complex. That makes it challenging
  • Its accessibility.

The Cons Of This “Magical” Recipe.

Well, I could be all night writing about what I don’t like, but that’s because I’m looking it for what it is. And that is: a book for people who want to lose weight. And you should too.

However, I would like the program to have a Facebook group or a group where everyone can share their results with it. In addition, when you first enter the sales page it looks a little bit scamy, but

The Red Tea Jar

all of this type of products have the same structured sales pages.

Last, they could probably offer any kind of free trial so as to generate more cconfidence with their prospects.

So, Is it Worth Your Money Or Not?

Remember, this is a program with various recipes with red tea, diet and exercises. Nothing too fancy, but if you combine them it can really make a good combination. If you are starting, or don’t know where to start you weight loss journey then this program can be a good start for you.


So if you have decided to take the leap, and you’ve decided you want to give it a go, then:

==>Check Out The Red Tea Detox Program.


Well, hope you liked this review. I would like to know if any of you reading have any type of experiece with this type of programs. If that’s so, I really encourage you to leave a comment below detailing you experience.

Or just comment below to let me know what you think about this review!


  1. I have drunk red tea, over the past few years. Not for its detox claim, maybe it does that, maybe not, I have no idea, but I happened to like tea and red tea tastes better compared to regular tea. I also know what red tea can do for my body when taken on a regular basis. Here are some of the benefits that I found about red tea.

    I found red tea improves my immune system by preventing common aches, colds, and pains as I am a very active person. It also helps prevent stomach cramps and headaches.

    I live in pollen prone neighborhood, and you tend to get allergies from pollen causing itchy eyes, running nose and just feeling miserable sneezing all day long. Drinking red tea may not stop pollen from floating around but drinking red tea sure helps in reducing the allergies.

    • Ahearst,
      Thanks, for your comment! I see what red tea can do. For me was another experience. I drink it before my workouts, but do not be mistaken it does not contain caffeine, I drink it because of it’s weight loss helps.
      However, it’s not a magical substance as Liz claims.


  2. Hi Stefano

    The health benefits of tea are well documented and I have tried everything from black, green, white, oolong, and red bush. My favourite is black tea, as that is what I am used to. Concerning detox of any kind I am totally skeptical as they do not work. Our kidneys do most of our detoxing and I believe that tea will not held much. Although tea is a mild diuretic I can’t imagine it will help. 

    If our bodies are full if toxins would we die?

    Thank you for this interesting article.


    • Antonio, 

      Thanks for you opinion! I am one hundred percent with you that our kiidneys do all the work, however, I mentioned that red tea, combined with optimum exercise, can be quite good actually! 

      No, and you said it, our organs, including our kidneys, already do all the work to balance toxins in our bodies!

      Have a good one,


  3. The Red Tea detox is something that I have never heard of before so your review is timely. Not that I need to lose weight, I keep it off by watching what I eat, eating less and doing a lot of walking. I do believe that red tea has some benefits similarly to green tea. Personally I’m not crazy about the taste of coloured tea, it claims to be a detoxifer and weight loss product but as you say there was no conclusion e evidence from the 500 studies to back it up. The red tea detox program includes some healthy recipes and a diet plan, the purchaser has to integrate this plan into their daily routine, like every other detox or weight  loss plan it may work or it may not. It does look like a healthy way to detox.

    • duggan,

      Thanks for your comment! This review was mainly to share  awareness of it, because I have been seeing this program everywhere. So, found mandatory to make this review. 

      As, I said, if you are a complete begginer, then you might want to chech it out!

  4. Hello Stefano, what a great post you have here. Someone once told me about this product but I did not take it seriously because I have never believed tea alone could work well for weight loss but from all, I have read in your post, I think I will give it a try.

    I am more interested in the three broken down pieces of the book because I have always believed exercise to be good for weight loss program but the right exercise is always a problem but I believe I now have a place to get just what I wanted.
    I will give it a try.
    Thank you for such an informative review.

    • Eric,
      Thank you for sharing you comment! I really appreciate that you liked the review, if you will be checking it our, first assure yourself that you are a complete begginer, at least at weight loss, because the program is aimed to people who have tried other ways, but did not have the optimum results.
      Also, I think the key of this program is the motivation booklet!

      Have a nice day,

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