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Natural Sweeteners To Replace Sugar – Perfect For Keto Entuthiasts

With the uprising debate from various angles about natural sweeteners that could substitute sugar, many suggestions have been made and so has many ideas.

Lots of people are of the opinion that (even refined) sugar is somewhat unnecessary or unhelpful (there are some of that opinions that think is pretty harmful) to the body and so different notions are in play regarding the use of natural sweetness instead of sugar.

Originally, sugar substitutes are food additives that give a sweet taste just like that of sugar but contains, importantly less food energy than sweeteners such as sugar, turning it into a zero-calorie or low-calorie sweetener. So, these improvised artificial sweeteners can be gotten from the processing of plant extracts or recycled by chemical synthesis.

In a random evaluation, it is confirmed that sugar substitutes are plant-based or chemical substances that are used to enhance or sweeten or top up or improve the savor and flavor of drinks and foods.

These improvised methods of enhancing flavors to foods using different means other than sugar are called non-caloric sweeteners and are also referred to as artificial sweeteners.

After these sweeteners have been perfected and simplified, they can now be on our dining tables as a tabletop item such as salt or pepper. For drinks, it can as well be formed into a suitable way that will best work with anything in liquid form.

I have to say that, it is relieving and healthy to say that most sugar substitutes are a lot sweeter and safer than sugar; unlike sugar, it takes a little amount of these sugar substitutes to bring out the same level of sweetness that spoons of sugar will deliver too.

We have some sugar substitutes that are low in calories (for people who don’t want to deal with having calories in their system) and also, there are those that contain no calories at all.

Why The Majority Of Natural Sweeteners, Are Better Than Table Sugar.

Like I have said earlier, some people prefer natural sweeteners to sugar considering the benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages too. Sugar substitutes deliver sweetness and improve the flavor of the food without depositing the calories of sugar.

Also, natural sweeteners are totally safe and very healthy to consume, while sugar, on the other hand, cannot be exactly called safe because sugar is known to cause tooth decay which is not a very good thing to deal with but not in the case of natural sweeteners. Most natural sweeteners do not cause blood sugar levels to rise dangerously.

This is specifically necessary and important for people who have diabetes who would want to be very careful and watchful concerning their sugar intake.

As we all know fully well that sugar is an excessive carrier of calories, then it is advisable for people who want to lessen or be cautious about their calorie level, should look into using natural sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

So, lucky for us, we now have companies that produces foods, drinks, junk foods that don’t use sugar but rather, they use natural sweeteners instead of sugar and these products are not scarce; there will be tags such as “sugar-free,” “reduced calorie,” “light,” on their packs so they would be easily identified at once.

Some Natural Sugar Substitutes.

The agency in charge of monitoring things like this In the United States, FDA, Food and Drug Administration is responsible for safeguarding and enhancing the public health by enforcing supervision and control on food and drug production as well as safety.

These agency tests, double check, examine any product such as food or drink before it is allowed to go into the market and so here are some sugar substitutes that the agency has approved and marked “okay” to be used as food additives in the United States:

• Sucralose

• Aspartame

• Acesulfame K


Sucralose is a tested sugar substitute that has no calorie. Research has proven it to be about 600 times sweeter than sugar (with calories).

It can be found in multiple if not thousands of processed drinks and foods like syrups, desserts, soft drinks, candy, baked food, sauces, canned fruits, and juices. I have to say that, it is also used in the manufacturing of medicines as well as vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Lastly, it is deemed fit to be used as a tabletop sweetener to be used during meals. Sucralose can also be used to bake because its sweet taste does not disappear (even) in high temperatures. And it is safe to consume.


Aspartame is also a known sugar substitute that has a low level of calorie in it. I have to say that, it is made up of two amino acidic, which are: phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Research tells that it is about two hundred times sweeter than sugar.

I have to say that, it is also present in many processed drinks and foods such as pudding, chewing gums, soft drinks, yogurt, dry dessert mixes, and frozen desserts. It can also be used as a tabletop sweetener for meals.

I have to say that, it is used in manufacturing medicines too like cough drops, vitamins. Aspartame cannot be used when baking as a substitute for sugar because it loses its taste once it is heated.


Acesulfame K is a sugar substitute that has no calorie in it at all and has been proved to be about two hundred times sweeter than sugar. In another case, it is known as Ace-K or acesulfame potassium. I have to say that, it is mostly used alongside or combined with another sweetener.

Ace K can be found in lots of processed drinks and foods, such as frozen desserts, baked goods, soft drinks, and candies. I have to say that, it is also used as a tabletop sweetener. I have to say that, it is also used in making of some medicinal products such as oral treatment products like mouthwash and toothpaste.

I have to say that, it is used in manufacturing medicines too. I have to say that, it is suitable for baking and cooking due to its long-lasting sweetness even when heated.

Final Thoughts, On Natural Sweeteners..

Every good thing has a side effect too, no matter how good it is, therefore, while considering natural sweeteners that can guarantee safety and good health, we must be cautious on our intake because too much of it sugar substitutes in our food can cause diarrhea. This often occurs when we take too much of food that has an excessive amount of natural sweetener.

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  1. Great article. It’s nice to see that more and more people are starting to realize that too much sugar (or salt for that matter) is very bad for your health. Cutting down on it is the easiest way to loose weight and see great health benefits. Great info, keep it up.

    • Roman,
      I am glad you liked the topic of the article. However, there are people out here who really, think sugar is no that bad for them.

      Have a nice day,

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