Losing Weight While Pregnant

Losing Weight While Pregnant? – Some Minor Tips On Losing Weight After While On Pregnancy

It is natural to lose weight while pregnant?. Women that are overweight before becoming pregnant, may tend to have second thoughts on how it can affect their pregnancy and at the same time, think if it is right or safe to lose weight while being pregnant.

When a baby begins to experience growth, also the woman’s body begins to experience changes and will naturally gain weight, the increase in amniotic fluid, the growing baby and blood volume contribute to the weight gain during pregnancy.

Often times, women who have obesity can still gain weight while being pregnant. However, they are easy ways to regulate this, to avoid gaining too many weight that may cause possible weight problems.

Now let’s look at ways you can lose weight during your pregnancy and the safe methods that can be applied to reduce body fat.

First, Is It Possible?Losing Weight While Pregnant

Doctors naturally would not advise you to lose weight during pregnancy. Often, they advise while in pregnancy to get the needed nutrients and exercise in order to keep the baby and body healthy.

Basically, doctors will not, in any way, suggest weight loss for women with obesity or full weight during pregnancy. The reason given is that losing weight while pregnant can put the baby at risk of certain complications.

Doctor usually advise women with obesity before pregnancy on possible ways to avoid complications. Generally, a woman is meant to lose excess weight before becoming pregnant.

Some women usually lose weight without even knowing during the first stage of their pregnancy because of morning sickness or nausea.

A woman that often experiences severe morning sickness should seek a doctor on how to get adequate nutrients. Weight gain will naturally occur once the pregnancy gets to the second trimester, then at this stage, a woman would be feeling awesome about her body!

Managing Weight During Pregnancy.Losing Weight While Pregnant

According to research, women mostly need an extra 300 calories per day when pregnant. This 300 calories can be equated to a piece of fruit and 2 glasses of milk.

While underweight women may need an extra calorie and those considered to be overweight may not need to increase their calorie intake and just try to maintain their calories.

Physical activity and a healthful diets can help boost the health of a pregnant woman and keep the baby healthy. Women are likely to lose weight when it comes to these lifestyle-changing, however losing weight shouldn’t be the ultimate goal.

A pregnant woman should talk to the doctor about physical activity as well, because exercise burns calories and helps in relieving stress. Guidelines vary, many health professionals recommend 30 minutes of activity daily unless a health professional advises otherwise. These activities include swimming, aerobics, walking and swimming.

Doctors usually do advice most pregnant women to stay away from contact sports and exercising at very high altitudes. At later stages of pregnancy is also advisable to avoid exercises that involve lying flat on the back because it may affect the blood flow of the fetus.

The Three Major Tips That Can help Lose Weight While Pregnant.

As stated earlier, putting on extra weight while pregnant is part of the whole process.

However, this question prompted me to ask, what is the normal amount of weight gained while pregnant? Is it possible to lose weight while pregnant? What are the things you can do as a pregnant woman to make your labor easier and get you back faster to your pre-pregnant weight when your baby finally arrives?

Most people tend to ask if truly they are overweight because of the pressure that comes with “what a mum should look like” in the social media these days.

However, we need to understand that pregnancy is not the right time to stress oneself over a strict weight loss diet. All what you need to do is to find suitable pregnancy weights for yourself and find and take the necessary steps to maintain it with this you will be able to stay healthy and keep your baby safe as well.

TIP 1. Control Your Cravings.

Cravings sometimes are quite difficult to deal with during pregnancy, and they contribute the largest chunk to excessive weight gain. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night yearning for ice cream, chocolate; these are well-known part of pregnancy.

However, it must be said that these cravings are normal and healthy, and it can be controlled by eating certain foods. Foods that are low in Glycemic Index (GI) can help balance your blood sugar levels and also reduces the stress women suffer through out the day because of their slow release of energy. This is effective when it comes to reduces excess pounds and lose weight while pregnant.

Craving foods with high sugar and glucose levels can create high levels of a vicious circle, because they worsen the cravings and affects one’s mood, which also contributes to excess weight gain.

TIP 2. Eat More Often.

I know you have some questions to ask, like how did you just tell me to control my cravings and you are here telling me to eat more often and how can these help me lose weight while pregnant?

Okay, I will explain. The idea is very simple; you will be eating smaller portions regularly instead of 2-3 large meals a day. Doing this only means one thing: you are not consuming extra unnecessary calories but feeding your body and the baby.

This method ensures you keep your metabolism and blood sugar at consistent levels, which will keep you energized all through the day.

TIP 3. Exercise.Losing Weight While Pregnant

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay in shape and lose weight while pregnant; it helps you lose weight and at the same time avoid aches and pains that come while pregnant and at the same time increase energy which results in making labor easier.

Walking and swimming are also good ways to keep you fit and healthy and help maintain a balanced weight while pregnant. You can also engage in Yoga and Pilates, Stationary cycling as this will help you keep the shape and aid your labor.

We need to understand is that we are all different, so also is our body. The woman’s body will definitely react differently while pregnant.

It is said that an average weight gain for a full term pregnancy is between 25-45 pounds, which also includes the increase in the mother’s blood volume, the placenta, uterus, fluids and baby. This is just an average figure, seek your doctor on your optimum weight.

Do this daily, and you will be amazed at the results, the major key here is persistence.

Remember, to leave in the comments your oppinion on this topic, I would love to know it!


  1. Really informative. Me and my wife are expecting a baby and she is very interested in keeping her weight. You offer some great tips. I never heard about the possility to loose weight while being pregnant. I am going to share this article with her.

    You are awesome.


    • Strahinja,
      It is very good to know you’ve liked the article!! It is possible, but as you may have read, it is more advisable you do not!


  2. Thank you for this information. How does being active during your pregnancy aid in labour? Can I start exercising now that I’m pregnant but didn’t exercise before I got pregnant?

    • Kendra,

      Yeah, if you planned your baby, there are programs which help you achieve your optimal weight before getting pregnant, so as not to gain too much weight!


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