how to lose weight and still eat carbs

How To Lose Weight And Still Eat Carbs – The Mainstream Diets Of 2019

How to lose weigh and still eat carbs?! Not everyone really supports or like the idea of no carb and low-carb dieting. There are reasons why it is not successful and why the success rate is short-lived. If you may have read my other blogs, you already may know I am not a full supporter of this kind of diets.

Carbohydrates, are essential for the production of “glycogen’, which is the responsible of producing energy. When you change, to a keto diet for example, you are prompting your body to know start using fats as a store of energy. This is great, because fat does not produce insulin, which is reason we store fats in our bodies.

The problem is that, it is very hard to get used to using fats as fuel. Moreover, there are many people, like me who will never get use to it. Having made this intro, here is a rundown of the reasons you should not give it a shot

My Reasons Why, You Should Not Try It:

The First reason here is that the person is yet to make a major lifestyle change. Most people tend not to stay on low-carb diets for longer, and to lose weight efficiently; you need to maintain your diet changes forever.

The second major reason is that low carb diet is not efficient for a long term and this can be attributed to the depletion in glycogen stores which slows down the metabolism and loss in muscle, and this can be referred to as muscle atrophy.

When your body begins to experience a reduction in carbohydrates to burn for energy, it in return go to the glycogen stores or the energy stored up for the muscles in other to increase its activity. This basically results in two major problems… fatigue and muscle atrophy.

The body becomes fatigued easily when there’s no glycogen stores or any carbohydrates to burn for energy. This is mostly experienced for people who switched to a low carb diet; they often get tired easily.

Additionally, this can be attributed to the fact that glycogen was taken from the muscles, and there is a loss in muscle mass, which makes the body burn fewer calories. The metabolism will be slower, and any calories will be stored as fat.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?!how to lose weight and still eat carbs

All that you need to do is to avoid cutting down your carbohydrates. This may be quite different from what you must have heard in the past; however, there is a better method than depriving your body the needed nutrient, a method that keeps us fit, energized and healthy.

You can also eat fruits, pasta, bread, and vegetables. Well, we need to understand something, some carbohydrates are not too good for the body, and this is where we need to cut and replace it.

Things such as soft drinks, candy, sugar, white rice, and any other food that has sugar.

These foods are commonly known as simple carbohydrates, and we need to cut it out. They are generally higher in sugar and lack the needed vitamins and nutrients.

Fruits can be categorized as simple carbohydrate; however, they contain certain minerals and vitamins that offer the body great benefits; however, they need to be eaten with moderation.

Foods such as whole grain pasta, grain bread, brown rice, vegetables, and legumes are categorized as complex carbohydrates.

These foods are digested slower and contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. These are the carbohydrates the body needs to stay healthy, and we need to eat more of it.

All that you need to do is make a few changes to make the lifestyle and move from simple to complex carbohydrates. For example, if you love eating white rice and white bread, you can easily switch to whole grain bread, pasta, and rice.

If you are someone that prefers candy and also enjoy drinking soft drink, then you can try to replace those empty calories with vegetables that are high in nutrients.

These little changes can make lots of difference in your health and make you lose weight. All you have to do is learn how to do it properly.

Choosing your Low-Carb Diethow to lose weight and still eat carbs

It will take some time or a form of an experiment to determine the right low-carb for you.

If you’re obese and you are really want to lose weight, a ketogenic diet or very-low-carb might be all that you need.

This diet are quite effective and dramatic when it comes to weight loss; however, it has its own side effects, so it important for you to seek your doctor approval before starting.

For a start, eating a low-carb diet between 100 and 150 is good for weight loss.

You don’t have to be too restrictive with a low-carb diet, and yet you can still derive the needed nutrient for exercise and enough carbs that will prevent you from some complications that come with extremely low-carb plans.

Active individuals prefer a moderate-carb reduction in achieving their weight loss goals.

Additionally, if you’re finding it difficult to lose weight on a moderately low carb diet; then I will advise you to restrict your intake to 50 to 100 grams. This will help you achieve your weight lose goals effectively without facing certain challenges.

Always Exercise..

Cardiovascular exercise, such as running and biking, helps in burning calories and lose weight without you reducing the calories you consume drastically.

Strength training helps you maintain a lean muscle while you cut the body fat and lose weight instead of muscle. Both types of muscle are quite effective when it comes to improving one’s metabolism, and you can burn more calories even when you’re not exercising.

My Final Thoughts…

Consuming a low-carb diet is efficient when it comes to losing weight all you need to do is to reduce your calorie intake. But, you don’t have to abandon the whole nutritional group in other to achieve your goals.

Eating complex carbs and fruits such as nuts, legumes, vegetables, and staying away from unhealthy, processes, or refined carbs is also effective in losing weight.

Most people prefer to start from 1 gram of carbohydrate for each pound of normal body weight.

However, be conscious of your fat and protein intake. Fat is a macronutrient that does not only make you feel good, it also keeps the blood sugar to balance.

The American Heart Association state that consuming high-fat diets that are rich in fats may raise LDL cholesterol, which may expose you to stroke and heart attack.

In addition, you must understand that while you can reduce exercise and carbs, carbohydrates are essential for fitness performance and muscle retention in weightlifters and athletes.

Carbs from a workout drink supply adequate energy before exercising and help to restore the glycogen stores immediately after exercise.

Remember, as always, to leave a comment letting me know what you think abou these article, and do not be shy to comment your experience with these types of diets.


  1. Wow, great post Stefano, and exactly the way I feel about most low carb and keto diets too. They are plain just not healthy, and it has recently been proven too. I for one feel depressed and irritable on a keto diet (yes, I have tried them in the past) and as I am prone to depression I really need complex carbs for serotonin.
    It’s so true that not all carbs are created equal and the low GI kind are actually great for weight loss and to keep you healthy, happy and full of energy.

    • Stefanie,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. This is why I had to create a controversial post like this, because people get on the bandwagon trend, withou knowing they are getting into!


  2. I thought that this is just another clickbait article but what you said makes sense. I’ve always had the misconception that having carb equals fat. It seems it’s not the case here. I’m definitely cutting down on simple carbs but I’m thankful that I don’t have to with foods like pasta. Thanks for the insight.

    • Kenny,
      In my page, you won’t be encountering any type of clickbait, I will always speek about the truth!

      Have a nice day,

  3. Thanks for the info Stefano, as you say in your post switch from white to wholegrain makes all the difference regards bread and rice and pasta. I did this when I was trying to lose weight and it worked for me. Just switching thing you like for healthier options is the way to go. Exercise too of course.
    Thanks for the informative post.

  4. Great information! As someone who struggles with weight and has done lots of yo-yo dieting, it is great to get down to the actual facts of the diet you are trying. I have found the ketogenic diet to be so restrictive and I feel deprived, not to mention the “keto flu” in the beginning. Thanks for laying it all out there!

    • Keah,

      That’s the thing for me, if I have a hard time on that specific diet, I will switch to counting my calories again. The most effective diets are those you enjoy!.


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