how to lose weight while still drinking alcohol

How To Lose Weight While Still Drinking Alcohol – The Beverage We All Avoid On A Cut

There are lots of reasons why too much of alcohol intake can affect one’s weight loss; the issue is here not about drinking alcohol, is about you taking too much alcohol.

You can enjoy your life with alcohol while you still pursue your health goals. This article will help you with the strategies on you can achieve your weight lose goals while you still pop your favorite drink.

Does Drinking Alcohol Contribute To Weight Loss?

It needs to be known that each gram of alcohol contains seven calories, while protein, and carbohydrates have four calories per gram. This is one of the reasons why a simple drink can gulp up more than fifty calories.

There is a belief that alcohol affects the metabolism. Actually, that may be true. However, there is nothing to worry about. “Because the body does not store alcohol,” which makes it a top activity in the metabolic process. According to a doctor, it actually does results in breaking down fat and the body’s digestion of major nutrients such as protein and carbs or in slowing down the body’s lipolysis.

However, putting all these together does not result into weight gain. There are several biochemical ways for metabolism, so your body can has the capacity to handle carbs and fat while the body is working with the alcohol in the system. The only issue here is that it will not do it efficiently.

Alcohol reduces rate at which the body digest the nutrients; however, it prevents it from being processed, and the nutrients will be processed without any hiccups.

But, Can You Lose Weight While Drinking?alcohol for weightloss

Having a long-lasting weight lose is based on moderation. You can lose Weight and still enjoy your favorite drink. All you need to do is to evaluate the amount you drink by determining if reducing it a little might help out.

For example, if you take three glasses of wine daily, you can reduce it to two and observe if it will help you achieve your desired result. While reducing your alcohol intake, it is imperative to note that you need to know what you drink.

My Take Is That, Alcohol Is Bad For Weightloss.

Alcohol and losing Weight does not really go hand-in-hand because of the calories that come with alcohol, and most of these calories don’t have nutritional value.

Sometimes, we end up drinking hundreds of extra calories in a day without even realizing it. Alcohol as a whole as calories now let’s look at the things mixed in the alcohol such as juices, has lots of calories, carbs, and sugar.

Eating a healthy diet may not necessarily work effectively if you still take too much alcohol. Alcohol is said to have more calories than healthy proteins; drinking too much can affects your weight loss efforts.

There are lots of indirect reasons why alcohol and losing Weight are not in one accord. The first thing is when you take alcohol; it tends to lower your inhibitions, which results to you wanting extra slices of pizza when on a normal day, you wouldn’t.

You will be paying less attention to what you are eating at, which is one of the major challenges of alcohol and weight loss.

Below are some major ways why alcohol and weight loss are not related:

• If you over drink yourself and you don’t feel too well, there are high tendencies you won’t be physically active or won’t be able engage in any exercise.

• Drinking alcohol changes the way the body burns fat because your body will focus more on breaking alcohol instead of burning fat. In addition, instead of burning fat, your body will be burning the calories from the alcohol with that it will take a long period to lose Weight.

• Alcohol can lower the testosterone levels in the body, and this hormone is vital when it comes to losing Weight and gaining muscle.

Should You Eat Before Having A Drink? Yes.

One thing we need to realize is that we must not skip our meals because it has its own side affects. Most cocktails usually have simple carbohydrates, so a person is most likely to end up with blood sugar that leaves the person ravenous. It is advisable that before going out to have a drink, we need to have a snack with fiber, protein, and healthy fat.

When you don not eat well or enough food before taking alcohol, your stomach becomes a dumping ground when you become tipsy, and those cravings when drunk can be persuasive.

The First Is A Must Do

1. Alcohol calories count. You need to take alcohol into consideration if you are tracking your calories to lose Weight.

2. Plan your meal if you know you will be drinking. Make sure you have meals that have little protein and green vegetables that help with hunger and satiety. Not eating before drinking is a call to disaster.

3. Drink only low-calorie drinks such as zero-calories mixer and liquor with that you will be able to derive the maximum benefits of drinking without any added calories of carb-loaded beers and sugar-heavy wines.

4. Try not to overdo it. You don not want to look awful a day after drinking and having so much fun. All you need to do is to practice moderation and always know when not to cross the line

Final Thoughts On Alcohol And Weight Loss…

You can drink alcohol and still lose Weight; the best thing is to try to strike a balance. You need to try to figure out the times you most likely to miss alcohol; then you can try to limit your intake during these occasions.

What works for A may be different from what works for B. you have to try to figure out what works for you best. If you discover that a glass of wine some nights after a long day helps you unwind, then it is okay for your weight loss goals.

As always, remember to comment your journey with alcohol and weight loss, any experience will be welcomed! Also, comment your opinion and thoughts about this article.


  1. Great article, this is something I am in… I like to drink, but I always had about 12-14 kg extra.
    Once in 1-2 years I am on diet, loose about 10 kg and regain them in few months.
    I have to admit, I always quit drinking during my diet time…
    Thanks for sharing this with us, worth reading

    • Marian,
      I am very glad you liked the article, if you like to drink, losing weight can be quite challenging!


  2. Hi Stefano,
    Loved reading this article, I find it very useful.
    We all love having the occasional drink, and I believe that moderation is key.
    We need to take into account that there’s a lot of sugar in alcohol which is a huge contributor to fat storage.

    Perhaps drinking at a club is a good solution, because you can dance your ass off while drinking. To my mind dancing is an excellent way of exercising and you can shed colories easily that way.
    Also, since alcohol dehydrates the body it might be wise to drink water regularly in between.

    thank you for this article.

    • Marco,
      Thanks for commenting! Yea, you are right a good solution, would be to drink water as you drink alcohol, so as to no dehydrate. I love dancing too, but I do not know if it will shed all the alcohol calorries.


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