How To Lose Weight On A Gluten Free Diet – The Mainstream Way To Lose Weight

If you remember back in 2008 to 2011, approximately, this diet was crazy popular. However, I like to see it as the early stages of the ketogenic diet, because the idea was to remove or eat less gluten that you can only get from wheat, that at the same time are carbohydrates.

I would also like to say, that I am not an expert. All the content you will be learning here take it as you would take it from your neighbor, but the difference is I did the research, and I tested this diet.

This diet was originated, because it was shown that we are not “designed” for consuming gluten, or said in other words, our bodies are not prepared for processing gluten. A very well-known cardiologist Dr. William Davis, who has written the book “Wheat Belly”, explained that wheat increases your appetite, making you eat a lot more than you should.

With that said, I will mention some tips that you can use, based on my experience using this diet, so that you can see the best results.

The Basics Of Losing Weight On Any Diet.

By now, you should maybe suspect what I am going to say. Obviously, this is exercising and having a good balanced diet, with rich foods containing vitamins and minerals.

If you truly do not know the basics of losing weight, do not be alarmed I am going to do a brief explanation, and the definition of it. Basically, to lose weight you must be on a calorie deficit, this means that you should not surpass the calories that your body needs instead you must be under it, approximately 20% of what you eat daily.

As regards to what you should eat, you must be eating foods rich in vitamins such as: a, b, c, d, all the vitamins to z. Your first priority should be this, because with vitamin deficiency your immunologic system does not function well, thus your body is not in its optimum point for losing weight, and exercising.

When you have your vitamins goals on a point, you then should move to setting a specific diet, like the gluten-free diet for example. Setting or choosing a specific diet is up to you, you can choose from a paleo diet to a ketogenic diet or to a “name” diet. Maybe, if you want to lose weight faster, you should choose a ketogenic diet, but that is up to you, there is not really a diet that is better than other.

Are you truly eating gluten free?

Dr. Davies claims that gluten makes your body produce more insulin, thus makes your body store more fats. However, there is no evidence that a gluten-free diet make you lose more weight, but there is evidence, that backs up that gluten increases appetite.

Many people make the mistake, or think that they are gluten free when they are really not. The thing is that there are a lot of products that claim to be gluten free, when they are really not.

It is hard to believe, but there are products that do not contain wheat and still have gluten. Products such as soy sauce, cream based soups, plain wheat free products, beer and gourmet meats. Soy sauce, has gluten as the main ingredient, that is because Chinese use wheat as its main ingredient.

One alternative, to soy sauce, is tamari sauce. It is traditionally brewed Japanese soy sauce. Another astonishing food or meal that contains gluten, are cream based soups. You may think that because the name says cream they do not contain any type of gluten, the fact is that these soups get their texture from starches, that obviously contain gluten.

Wheat free products, are very deceiving. By now, you should be aware that they are only wheat free and not gluten free. This means that they contain rye and other type of starches ingredients that contain gluten. I know it is very trivial to mention this, but beer has barley. However, there are gluten-free beers so that’s that.

Do Not Eyeball Your Calories, From The Start.

This is why I said you should avoid “gluten-free” products, because you tend to think, that because they are gluten-free, they are low in calories.

Also, you should get the hang of calories. You are not going to know the exact amounts of calories you are taking, if you do not track them or count them. You are not going to get anywhere by eyeballing calories, if you do not know the exact amount.

At first, you should ideally know the exact amounts of calories you are taking each day, the next step would be, to remember or two eyeball those calories. Obviously, you should buy a food scale to know the exact amounts, and at the same time download any calorie tracking app.

As a personal recommendation, I use MyFitnessPal, which I got very used to. I like this app because, there are a huge amounts of foods with its respective calories. The counterpart of any calorie tracking app, would be that, if that specific food is not on the app you should put it yourself.

A Tip I Would Not Recommend

As I mentioned, on the start of this article, is that the gluten-free diet got popular, because of the carbohydrates amounts in wheat. That is why I like to think that this diet, is the pre-evolution of the keto diet.

As the literature found, large amounts of carbohydrates make the body produce more insulin, which is responsible for storing fat on our bodies. However, this is true, carbohydrates are also responsible for producing energy on our bodies.

The point I am trying to make, is that we need carbohydrates. I do not like the keto diet, because there is a common misconception that you should eat more animal products on this diet, which is not true because what the keto diet implies, is to cut carbohydrates from your diet to see better results on losing fat and weight.

If you ever tried the keto diet, you would know that you still eat a small percentage of carbs. This means one thing, that we need them as we need protein, and as we need fats. The problem is that when you cut carbs, you are prone to feel more lethargic, and I am speaking from personal experience.

Where I am trying to get, is that if you are looking to lose weight effectively and “faster”, you should then check out the keto diet. Although, you will feel lethargic and with less energy.

Just Remember…

You must first be meeting your vitamins and minerals as a main goal, and then start choosing a specific diet. However, if you are going to choose the gluten-free diet, remember to stay away of any “gluten-free”, product. This is because not only contain a small amounts of gluten, but also make you think that are low in calories.

I would like you to comment down below if you liked the article, and also I would like to hear any type of feedback. Also, comment if you had prior experience with this diet or any type of diet


  1. Hi Stefano! Good information about gluten free diet. I agree with your points here. I have also tried gluten and dairy free diets because I was having stomach problems. It helped me and now my stomach is better again. However, I still try not to eat too much gluten and dairy products…

    • Joonas,
      Thanks for taking your time to comment. I’ve also tried this diet and I still use it sometime to this day. However, I like to eat gluten, because it fills you up more than other foods. When I am on a cutting diet, I tend to stay away from it.


  2. Hi Stefano thank you for a very intriguing article.

    I have used the MyFitnessPal app before when counting calories. I don’t count calories anymore I count carbs, I have been on a Keto diet for a few months now and have experienced weight loss, increased energy and a reduction in my arthritis pain.

    I totally agree with you that we shouldn’t be eating gluten and that our bodies were never meant to process it. I have also read ‘Wheat Belly’ terrific book!

    • Thanks Andy for commenting!
      Yes I have also tried the ketogenic diet, but I did not like it because it made me feel lethargic and tired. I always say that every diet is different for everyone.
      I have to give that book a try, I have that book recommended many times before!


  3. Hello Stefano,
    I didn’t have the slightest idea that wheat increases one’s appetite. It is also equally interesting to learn that ketogenic diets can lose weight faster.

    I must also try keto diets as they help to remove weight from our bodies.

    This a good post and I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    Wishing you all the best.

    • Phomrong, thanks for the nice comment! Before I did the research, I did not know that either. It really blew my mind!

      Stay tuned for new articles,

  4. I’ve tried the Keto diet and it was not easy to implement and I found that my memory and ability to concentrate on my daily work was diminished. I have to have a certain level of carbs just to keep my mind functioning normally! So that didn’t work out too well. I tend to choose gluten-free products whenever possible for my digestion. Wheat products make me bloat horribly. I’m now on a dairy free diet to help clean out my gut and lose weight in the process. I’ve already started losing several pounds just by cutting out milk based products. I’d recommend purchasing this great scale that also measures your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, water weight, bone mass and more. It’s called the C1 Smart Scale by Eufy. I got it on Amazon for around $25. So much better than a regular scale which used to discourage me more often than not. Thanks for this informative article.

    • Anne,
      Thanks for your useful insight on the ketogenic diet. I had some of the same issues too, when I tried it out. I did lose some cognitive skills and definetely lose some of my daily energy. It just was not for me.

      Thanks for the info,

  5. Thanks for sharing your views on a gluten-free diet. It’s getting more and more popular as a good solution for fast weight loss. I agree with you about counting calories which is vital for the success of the diet. Also, minerals and vitamins should be in place as well. Do you have any special recommendations for keeping minerals and vitamins in balance?

    • Ivan,
      I am glad you liked thee post. In fact, yes I have a tip for you, so that you get your vitamins and mineral needs. I like to use a whole foods supplement, that come packed with all type of superfoods.
      You can look them up online!

  6. Thank you for this informative post.

    I’m saddened to learn that many products that claim to be gluten free, really aren’t.  I was under the impression that such claims were verified by the FDA before hitting the shelves.

    The last time I dieted I used MyFitnessPal and I love it too.  Sadly I’m about 30 lbs over my ideal weight and it’s time for me to pull it out again and get started.  It’s hard because I like not having to think about it.  But then again, not thinking about it has gotten me to this point, LOL.

    On the vitamins and minerals front…  Do you have recommended supplements?  I’m always looking for quality products that meet my dietary needs.

    Thanks again,


    • Scott, 

      There are a lot of misleading “gluten-free”, products out there  that are not good for us. The fact that the FDA approves it, does not mean that they not contain other type of bad chamicals. 

      For the vitmins and minerals, I do recommend that you buy supplement that is done with  whole foods, and not a supplement like “centrum”.



  7. You make some really good points here.  Too often people get so focused on the specific foods that they must or must not eat according to a particular diet that they forget the basic principle of needing to be at a calorie deficit to lose weight.  And, as you say, carbohydrates act as our main energy source.  If people are looking to lose weight, they will probably be exercising along with reducing total calories; fat works as an energy source for low-intensity exercise, but for lifting weights, running, etc., the body needs some carbs.

    Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Jordan, 

      In fact yes, our body fuctions on its optimal state (for exeercising), when we include on our diets at least 30% carbs. People, tend to always  forget of the basicc principle of what a caloric deficit is.



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