How To Lose Weight And Still Eat

How To Lose Weight And Still Eat – My Take On The Possibilities You May Have

Losing weight is a topic that has been on almost everyone lips and will continue to be our minds. And as you may have noticed, I have been posting about this a lot. We all want to lose a few pounds, yet still find it difficult to give up on certain delicacies such as barbecue, ice cream, pizza, etc.

No doubt, eating brings and gives pleasure. It is possible to eat your favorite food and still lose weight. Over the years, I have seen people voluntarily starve their selves and engage in all kinds of diets in other to lose weights.

However, most of them are always stunned when I tell them they can still eat while they lose weight. The majority is afraid to eat because they are scared of getting fat. To them, everything is fattening, and they need to avoid meals that have sugar, gluten, fat, and lactose in other to be healthier and leaner.

There are lots of diet fads in the world presently, and the biggest fear for so many people is getting fat. Most people tend to believe that if they lose control, they may end up gaining a few pounds at a time.

This has made people believe that starving their selves is the best solution. Many people who have lost 25 or 30 pounds after abstaining from certain diets tend to get it all back or even add more. You can eat and lose weight without depriving your body of good meals.

Minimum Effort.

There are high tendencies that you will ask yourself whether you’re hungry before eating because we often try to eat in other to satisfy other triggers.

When you are hungry and feel like eating, take a pause, and pay attention to the textures, flavors, and colors, as this will help you know when you’re full. Do not just eat mindlessly while watching movies or for the sake of killing hunger.

There are no limitations when it comes what you want to eat. The goal is for you to eat the foods you love and eat healthily.

Build A Body Trust.

Many people are interested in how to lose weight while they can still eat; however, most people have little reservations when it comes to eating without any restrictions. When you engage in an unrealistic diet plan, such diets sometimes leads to hunger and cravings for forbidden foods.

What I want you to realize here is that you do not have to starve yourself or restrict yourself from eating certain meals. Weight loss is about making consistent better food choices and how you can slowly change bad eating and exercise habits into a more healthy and sustainable form.

This is one of the common ways to lose weight. You can introduce one or two elements into your daily routine, and you will surely experience a few pounds disappear.

Drink a glass of water first in the morning as this will help lubricate and stimulates your digestive juices. Ensure you have tea or coffee with your breakfast; however if you want to use sugar, cut it by half.

You can drink a small glass of water half an hour before a meal drink. Water is considered to be non-calorific, which is why the body uses more calories to digest water than the item contains.

If you prefer using full-size dinner plates for meals, it is advisable to get smaller ones and put the size of your meal to the size of this plate. This might sound awe to you, but it works effectively. This does not mean you have to pile it higher; however, you will get used to eating smaller meals with time.

Make sure you do not snack during meals and if you feel like having something get yourself a fibre bar.

Slowly Change Your Habits.

As human, we are omnivores in nature and we can see everything in exception to those that have been diagnosed and give some form of restrictions. If you want to eat well and still lose weight, all you need to do is to include more fresh foods in your meal and reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods. This is one of the major steps in improving your meal and nutrition.

To eat well without having to battle with the thought of calories, you need to review the way you eat by listening and paying attention to your needs.

There are sometimes we find ourselves in a situation to eat something sweet and all because we want to lose weight, we end up taking only soda. On the contrary, you can consume all the foods you desire, if only you can do it moderately within a varied diet rich in fruits, grains, and vegetables. All you need to do is to ensure you eat enough to supports your bodily processes, but not too much so your body won’t have to burn the reserve fat in other to make up the deficit.

A Small List To Keep You On Track:

Over the years, I have seen people fail with their weight lose plans because the diets are quite difficult to stick with.

Here are a few tips that can be adopted in your daily eating habits. One good factor about these tips is that they are easy to implement and can be easily integrated into your everyday diet without having to feel like you going to war with foods.

1. Eat Vegetables. You can always eat as much green you want. Your body needs many green vegetables.

2. Portion control. Eat half of your plate and wait for 15 minutes to determine if you need more. Often, you will experience a sensation of fullness after waiting.

3. Reduce alcohol intake. This most times applies to beer and cocktails with sweet mixers that are loaded with sugar. Reducing your alcohol is one of the best and easy way to cut out hundreds of calories during a meal.

4. Drink lots of water. Many people are fond of mistaking thirst for hunger instead of drinking water then tend to eat something. You need to pay attention to this, when next you feel like eating, try to take water first.

5. Drink Green tea. Green tea is good for the body, and it as well gives you the sensation of being full. However, ensure the tea is not loaded with sugar or cream.

These five tips will ease your efforts and have a great impact on your health and weight loss.

A Final Reminder…

I understand that sometimes it can be challenging; however, you need to start eating again and build a strong relationship with healthy food. Slow and steady, you will achieve your weight loss goal with flexible dieting. The good thing about the aforementioned is that it is sustainable because you are eating what you desire without depriving yourself.

Also, as always, remember to comment your past experiences with any diet. I would love to hear about them!


  1. Hi Stefano there are good tips here such as reducing plate size and not setting unrealistic goals.

    I have been on a Keto diet the last few months and I have lost weight whilst not feeling deprived.

    Do you recommend this type of diet?

    • Andy,
      Before becoming a vegetarian, I tried the ketogenic diet. I followed every liitle guide so as not to feel lethargic, and I always make sure I was taking my vitamins and minerals. However, my body did not adapted. I would recommend it if your body adapts to it.
      Thanks for commenting,

  2. I always think about what I’m eating and how much, I say I do ok, I do usually have a glass of water first thing in the morning, so good to know it helps. I might try drinking green tea and eating more vegetables too to help me feel fitter. This is the best way to help maintain you weight goals without having to starve yourself. Thank you, great post!

    • Scott,
      My pleasure! I love to helping people on their nutrition, based on my researrch, and on what I’ve tested! Drinking water is always good for your health, moreover if you do it at the start of every morning!

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