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How To Fight Bad Breath Naturally – The Best Ways To Eliminate It, For Good

So in today’s blog I’m going to bring new ideas, on how to fight bad breath naturally. This is a common problem among us. First and foremost, I want to mention that I’m writing this, because there are people who even after brushing their teeth, they still have bad breath. It is very key to consider that bad breath is caused by imbalances in mouth bacteria.

However, as you have guessed from the title, this is not a problem that cannot be solved with natural remedies. After I begin to write, I wan to make a little disclaimer: “I’m not a professional, all this information that you will see, is from research me and my team did on the internet.”

Guess What. Brush Your Teeth And Tongue.Brushing Teeths

I know this can sound very trivial, but sometimes bad breath can mean only one thing, and that is not brushing regularly or even not brushing your teeth at all. Also, what I would recommend you if you are still having bad breath after brushing your teeth and tongue, is that you buy a tongue cleaner or bucal washer such as “Listerine” or any other brand of your liking.

You should apply a tongue cleaner or bucal washer, every time after brushing. Remember to maintain your oral hygiene, if you are not doing this consistently then you will not be seeing any future results. Consistency is key.

Stress Does Not Help.

In case that you did not know, stress increases the activity of the sweat gland, this means that it interacts with your body to create body odor. Having a very hard stress can mean only one thing, and that is affecting your immune system and reducing the ability to respond to your environment.

Having bad breath is a sign that your immune system and microbiome are not working how they suppose to. If you were reading closely you may have noticed, that stress can be a cause of bad breath. The thing is that both affect each other.

Your main goal should be to avoid stressing and, obviously, improve your overall dental health.


Hydrate More.

The first thing you should do when you wake up, is gulp down a glass or bottle of water. While you are asleep your mouth dries naturally on its own, that is why bad breath is always worse in the morning. A study has shown that mouth dryness, more than often causes bad breath.

This is because of saliva. As you may have guessed, saliva keeps your mouth from drying, meaning that without it you will end up full of bacteria in your mouth. This is the main motif, of why you should drink water as the first thing in the morning.

The first thing I do when I wake up, is to gulp a liter of water. I just go to the fridge, that is next door, and I only drink that bottle like there is nothing in the world. Well, jokes a side, you should too. I highly encourage you to adopt this habit, and the first thing you should do is drink water, not caffeine or any sugared beverage.

Green Tea And Red African Tea.

A study shows that green tea, has deodorizing properties that can freshen your breath. So we know that green tea is a great home remedy for bad breath. Although, it is effective for bad breath I highly encourage you to take it only on the mornings because of its caffeine content.

If you like taking tea on the evening, I really recommend you to take Red African Tea, because it does not contain any caffeine content. If you read my blogs you may know that I have made a review on an African tea program for weight loss, you can check it here.

Moving on, what you can do is, take green tea on the mornings, and African red tea on the evenings or even mint tea, that it has also been proven to improve your breath health, and kill bad mouth bacteria. I recommend this, because of personal experience.

None the less, by drinking one of these three teas you will also be seeing results. For the best results I would use mint and green tea.

Homemade Mouthwashes.

I know I encouraged to take “Listerine”, but maybe you do not want to use these types of products. Moreover, you want to do it yourself (DIY), because you know where the ingredients are coming from.

The first homemade mouthwash is with vinegar. The ingredients:

  • Two Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 cup of water

-After you have gathered these ingredients you should mix them up, you should put it in your mouth and gargle at least for 45 seconds with it before spitting it out.

Vinegar reduces the bacteria growth in your mouth. What you do not know, is that vinegar contains “acetic acid”, and your bacteria friends hate it. So in an environment with this acid, chances are they will not grow in it.

The second homemade mouthwash is baking soda. Funny fact is that gargling baking soda can also help you with your sore throat. Well, the ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Water, Try it warm.
  • Obviously, Baking Soda. Two tablespoons.

So first, mix these ingredients on any glass, then put it in your mouth and gargle the mixture for one entire minute. Remember, that I said that consistency is key? Well, guess what, it applies to this too. Do it every single day, if you want to remove your breath problems so badly.

Start Applying It Every Day.

To sum up, in total I have detailed five methods you can start applying now. These are: Water (hydrating more), brush your teeth, stay away from stress, teas and two homemade mouthwashes. The thing is, what will you do with this information? Are you going to use it to your advantage? Remember that consistency is key.

It can take weeks to remove all the bacteria from your mouth, so that’s why I insist you do it every day.

Hope you liked this article, I highly encourage you to comment down below to let me know what you think of it. I really want to know your opinions, to improve and also to know what you want next. Also, comment down below if you have had any past experiences with any of these home remedies!


  1. Hi Stefano, I am glad to know that the remedy is right there in my kitchen cupboard. I don’t suffer from bad breath, but I don’t ever want to have that problem. My biggest takeaways are to hydrate and to make the mouthwash with vinegar/soda and be consistent. I workout a lot and do not drink enough water. My mouth is always so dry. Thank you for the information. I am ready to work with it

    • JJ,

      Yeah, you know, you don’t know what you have until you learn what it can do. Do not worry too much if you’re not  having bad breath. 

      However, for other important health factors you should hydrate more!

      Thanks for sharing,


  2. I like this information about different kinds of tea that have their own benefits. I guess if we drink tea regularly it will help reduce bad breath. What I am impressed most is African tea can kill bad mouth bacteria. Tea is good for health and also can treat the oral problem, so there is no reason we can refuse drinking tea. I think it is helpful for smokers as well. 

    Also, Thank you for your homemade mouthwashes method. 

    • Mary, 

      Thank you for participating! I would recommend you to drink any type of teas out there. The thing is that if you are having oral problems you should also try the differnet methods listed or at least try them. I’m glad that you liked the homemade mouthwashes, I learned them from a friend, but added my own touch to it!



  3. This was a very interesting and fun-to-read article for me. I did not know that about drinking water first thing in the morning, but it makes sense that a dried out mouth would cause ‘morning breath.’  I also found out something (not related to bad breath) that I didn’t know about tea. I LOVE tea, but I don’t love all the caffeine. Finding out about Red African Tea that doesn’t have caffeine AND aids in weight loss?! I will be sure to check that out!

    I use baking soda for all kinds of things: cooking, as an antacid, fridge odor control, sprinkle it in the litter box. Who knew I could use it to make DIY mouthwash too? Thanks for a great article with some great ideas. Nobody likes Bad Breath.


    • Sue, 

      As always thanks for taking time to participate in this discussion. It’s crazy the humongous types of teas there are in the world. Many people I know, never even heard of Red African Tea.

      Also it’s astonishing the uses you can give to baking soda!



  4. Hey Stefano,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for writing such an unique and informative article. It’s a common phenomenon to all of us. Even I have a big problem of bad breath. Whenever I go on a date or give presentation in my office in front of others I feel so ashamed. It also decrease my confidence level.

    But after reading your article I have come to know many things about the reasons behind bad breath. Moreover you have given some natural ways to prevent bad breath. I liked your idea if taking green tea and red African tea as remedy. I think I will try all of the things you have suggested to eliminate my bad breath.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

    • Hi Extrovert, 

      Thanks tou you for taking the time to participate in this discussion. It makes my work feel appreciated.

      I’m glad you like the remedies. 



  5. very enlightening article as I dd not know that stress can cause bad breath .Did not dawn on me but as you explained base upon sweat glands .Stress increases the activity of the sweat gland, this means that it interacts with your body to create body odor. But it makes sense. Halitosis is the medical term that I am use to because as we all know kids can be cruel .And that term was used a lot for people we thought had really bad dragon breath.Thanks for the share .

    • Hi Erick,
      Everything is a matter of information, as I explained, stress is a cause of bad breath, and also the other way around.
      Yes, halitosis is, indeed, caused mostly because of poor hygiene.


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