Foods That Help With Constipation – Reduce The Time You Spend On The Toilet

Nowadays, constipation is a common problem. For those reading, that do not know what constipation implies, it is the reduction in bowel movements, or said in a more common way, it is having a hard time with you feces, when they pass through your bowels. By having this condition you will have a hard time with, excreting, and you will definitely have lumpy looking feces. I apologize if I was too graphic.

However, as the title may already suggest, this is not a condition that cannot be treated by eating certain foods, and moreover by not changing your dieting habits.

I want to point out, that if you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), your best choice would not be to eat more fiber. I want to make this clear, because I am giving natural possible remedies for constipation only. However, at the same time, constipation is a well-known symptom of IBS.

So, based on my research, here I leave you with a list that will certainly will ease your toilet problems:

Hydrate. Water Will Become Your Best Elixir.


As, I always said in my other blogs, you must drink plenty of water, every single day. The human body is composed up to 60% of water. If you are having a constant state of constipation, or in general, or you are having a hard time when you go to the toilet, then a common symptom that you may be having is that you are not drinking the amount of water you should.

As I said dehydration is a common cause of constipation. The thing is that, when someone becomes constipated, their digestive system cannot add the sufficient water to their feces, which results in hard and dry stools.

One way, I tried, to drink more water, is to replace it every other day with my up of coffee. However, later in that day I would drink any type of caffeine: tea, or a cup of coffee. Or maybe you can buy any type of plastic bottle of you liking, to remember to drink water.

Prunes, The Dried Fruits

I will not be specific, but the most common prunes, and the most found, mostly in every country around the world, are plumb and grape prunes. A study found that eating prunes, consistently, helped to increase the frequency of bowel movements and helped considerably in people who had lumpy and dry stools.

Prunes are very well-known for its fiber content. And, as you may already know fiber helps a lot, when it comes to preventing hemorrhoids that are caused by constipation. Also, the juice found on prunes contained a high amount of sorbitol content, which acts as a laxative.

These dried fruits are also contained a good amount of the electrolyte, that you already may have heard before; potassium. This particular electrolyte, helps with you:

  • Digestion
  • Muscle Contractions
  • Heart Rythym
  • Nerve Impulses
  • Blood Pressure

In case you did not know, our bodies do not naturally produce this particular electrolyte, so eating prunes can really help, if you are low in potassium levels. They are a very good source of energy, and if you are on a cutting phase, they will not spike that rapidly your blood sugar levels.

This would have been a great candidate for my other post, “Foods That Fight Heart Disease”, because prunes are also awesome for lowering you levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. A very well-researched study show that prunes can help lower the process of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis, is formed by plaques that build up in your arteries, and at the same time, plaques are formed in arteries by fat and cholesterol. This study suggests that, the soluble fiber found in prunes, may help with your cholesterol levels.

As I mentioned prunes, do not spike too much the levels of glucose (sugar), this means that they are very low in the glycemic index, making them great for the well-known “ketogenic” diet.

To add a personal touch, I would highly recommend you to add prunes, in your breakfast, to your daily bowl of oatmeal, also with some peanut butter included. This recipe is awesome for starting your day, because you have oatmeal and peanut butter to keep you full, and the prunes to boost your energy for the day.


Beans, or pulses.

I always mentioned them, because of their vast good health properties, and the astonishing amount of fiber they have. In this case it is well applied because, as I mentioned before, fiber helps with the hemorrhoids caused by constipation. Well beans, meaning, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, in general all peas, are very high in fiber.

However, applied to help with the relief of constipation, beans have a substantial good amount of electrolytes. These are: potassium, vitamin B6, folate and zinc. I said that potassium have a lot great health benefits. Folate, in the other hand, is thought to be only found in meat, but clearly this is the exception.

This vitamin, can also be found as “Vitamin B9”. Folate, is a must, because it makes the red and white blood cells in the bone marrow, convert carbs into our daily energies, and other much biologically in-depth properties.

A study that was done on the year 2017, found that eating one hundred and more grams of any legumes and pulses, provides around 25 – 27 of the daily fiber intake that the U.S. government recommends.

Clear And Well-Processed Soups.veggie soup

Warm liquids, overall can help. I am talking about soups, teas, obviously coffee. I choose specifically soups because they are more nutrtitional. It always depends on what type of soups, and that is why I will recommend you to do your own vegetable soup. It is way more nutritious and is easy to make.

In a pan, put all the greens you can think of. I like to combine, chard, green cabbage, carrots and some spinach. Pour some hot water and let it simmer for one hour. This will really help with your constipation because it will help soften all your hard feces.

Rinse and Repeat.

So well now you have some tools to improve your constipation problems. The thing is, as all natural remedies, this will not remove overnight your constipation problems. This will not do anything, if you are not consistent, minimum for three weeks.

Remember, to stay hydrated and to buy some sort of bottle, to remember to drink water.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please comment down below what you think of it, and please be more than sure to share any of your constipation problems, if you had any!


  1. Hi

    That was an interesting article on constipation, which can be caused by a number of factors from bad diets, not drinking enough water, not  moving about too much. The range of foods you suggest are very good but you did not mention foods that can make the condition worse. 

    Fibre is so important and most people do not get enough of it. It is divide to soluble and insoluble fibre, where people who cannot go need to bulk up their insoluble fibre intake. Alas, some people no matter how much fibre they take still cannot go and will have to rely on medical prescription.

    Thank you


    • Antonio,

      As I pointed out at the start of this article, as an example I mentioned that people who  have IBS disease won’t see  results with these tips. However, there are people who are very resistant to fibre, and people who are totally the opposite.

      So to those people (you are totally right) I would recommend them to see a doctor!



  2. Lol it was very graphic indeed. I used to be constipated but I have change my diet by cooking more leafy greens and I eat a lot of vegetables that has high fiber. I also do drink lots of water. This might sound extreme but when I wake up in the morning after I brush my teeth I will drink a bottle of room temperature water. I also drink lots of water during the day through night time. However, some days when I cannot cook like I am on the road and I have no choice but to eat whatever that is available I usually have my ginger tea and the prune tea that I make myself. It works so good give it a try. So fast and simple and it works. I think the best result to get rid of constipation is to change your diet. Thank you for suggesting the natural approach 🙂

    • Nuttanee,

      Thanks for your comment, I’d like to appreciate the time you spent on writing it. Do not be overwhelmed, I also drink a liter of water the first thing in the morning. It is what every human should be doing, because we all wake up  the first  thing in the morning dehydrated.

      I totally agree, constipation can change radically by changing your diet!



  3. Constipation is really dangerous if nothing is done. And being on the toilet for a really long time is not good as well. I heard that prunes are really good for digestion and acts like a laxative due to so much fibers. I agree with you, water is the best elixir for everything. It is the most popular drink in the world after all. I remember that being constipated is no bueno and can mess with the digestive system. Thank for sharing your advice .

    • Hi Andy, 

      I would like to thank you for taking your time to comment, I think water is not popular because it is tasty, as I mentioned in the article, we need water to survive; we are made of 60% water.

      Being constipated, is very heartful, thank you for sharing your past experiinces with it!



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